Laser airway surgery is coming to a theatre near you!
Laser safety:
  • Laser CO2 Goggles or keep > 300m away!
  • Have an airway fire drill rehearsed!
Work out exactly where obstruction is: 
  • Laryngeal/Tracheal/Bronchial
Combined airway decision making:
  • Laser ETT or Jet Ventilation (supra-glottic or sub-glottic)
Clear and explicit airway strategy:
  • Plan A set-up and ready
  • Plan B set-up and ready
  • (“plan for failure”)
Respiratory physiology:
  • MLT/laser tubes create a severe asthma type ventilation pattern.
  • Set long expiratory time
  • Tolerate higher peak inspiratory pressures (often reflect ETT rather than lungs)
Further reading: