EHS is the phenomenon caused by low levels of radiation emitted by wifi, fluorescent lighting, overhead power lines or any electrical household item.

Triggered by weak electromagnetic fields, sufferers report a range of non-specific symptoms including: tiredness, weakness, memory impairment and sleep disturbance.

World Health Organisation and multiple systematic reviews have all found no scientific basis to link syndrome to exposure to electromagnetic fields.

It is not yet acknowledged by International Classification of Diseases.

Diagnosis of EHS is becoming more popular throughout the world, with a prevalence ranging from 1.5% in Sweden and 8% in Germany.

Patients with EHS presenting for an elective procedure may request:

  • To be covered in lead
  • To have a lead blanket underneath the operating table mattress
  • To have an x-ray screen placed between them and anaesthetic machine
  • To wear specially developed copper hats believe to reflect the electrogmagnetic radiation produced in theatres

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