“Calling patient’s name facilitates recovery from general anaesthesia”

Aim: To investigate whether calling a patient by their own name followed by a verbal command could facilitate recovery from anaesthesia.

Method: Randomised, double blind, controlled trial. 101 healthy Korean female patients undergoing breast cancer surgery under TIVA.

“Jeff, open your eyes” or “Patient, open your eyes”


  • Significant decrease in time to eye opening (337 vs 404 seconds)
  • No significant difference in time to BIS >60
  • Significantly shorter PACU stay (43.8min vs 47.3min)


  • Calling patients by name may speed emergence from anaesthesia and reduce time in PACU
  • Up to 20% may have recollection of emergence
  • Ask patient how they prefer to be addressed prior to induction

Calling the patients own name facilitates recovery from general anaesthesia