The anticipated CICO scenario…

Discussion included:

Co-ordinator role – having someone other than the primary airway proceduralist co-ordinate the process to reduce the cognitive load on the airway proceduralist.

Task fixation – focusing both the airway anaesthetist and the individual preforming FONA to their specfic tasks to reduce the cognitive burden.

Time – Using time as a way to aid progression through Plan A, B, C & D. Defining milestones and setting time limits rather than allowing time distortion and decreased situation awareness to adversely affect the crisis.

Rehearesal – thinking and walking through the key steps as a team, including where equipment should be placed and people will need to stand at the different stages of the critical incident.

Final Thoughts

  • Try to identify trachea prior to commencing Plan A
  • Consider awake trache
  • Consider High-Flow Nasal Cannulae
  • NTS make a massive difference to process


Threatened airway recomendations